Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Checking off my bucket list

Two months into this adventure and I was able to check off something from my Deployment Bucket List. It felt kind of great. Though it was nothing spectacular it's something I am really hoping for. #8 is no longer in my hands. I LOVE Ellen Degeneres! I think she is hysterical! With not having cable back in Virginia, youtube and I were best friends. I promised myself that I would try with all my might to get tickets to see her while I was in California. Sadly when I first arrived. Tickets for the show were all booked until January 15th. They had no other shows listed. My birthday is the 16th, so I was feeling disappointed that I missed out. So being slightly stalker-ish, I checked the website everyday. And nothing.

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But I kept at it. I have no idea how filming for these types of shows go and was finally starting to think that maybe that would be the end of the filming season. Boy was I wrong. Two weeks ago I checked surely assuming there would be nothing, three show dates appeared! The 19th, 20th & 21st! I seriously had an adrenaline rush guys! I filled out that form like it was going out of style. I double checked to make sure all the information was correct and that two tickets were requested and hit submit!  #8's goal was to try to get Tickets the Ellen Show and I did just that. Now I am patiently waiting for a phone call approving the ticket request. Even if I don't {Though I will be a little sad...} at least I know I tried!

Though to some of you that might seem like a silly goal. I am feeling pretty great that I have marked something off my list. Especially since this may be my one and only shot! So wish me luck! Any recent goals you guys have accomplished?!


Monday, November 17, 2014

5 themes all Hallmark Movies have in common


It's November, so we all know what that means! Hallmark channel is blowing it up with Christmas Movies! I am definitely one that is all about making sure Thanksgiving isn't forgotten, but I do have to admit I have a soft spot for cuddling up on the couch with hot chocolate and indulging in a cheesy christmas movie. Hallmark channel is basically on 24/7. And I am pretty sure my dad has already recorded at least 30 movies so he can just fast forward through the commercials. Love ya dad ;) I'm not use to having DVR so it doesn't bother me but it's the thing to do apparently. As I have watched at least those 30 christmas movies I have noticed at least 5 themes Hallmark tends to stick with.

1. Santa is the culprit

I love Santa Clause. I fully intend to carry on tradition of Santa in our family. But Man Santa Claus etends to stir up a lot of trouble in these movies. Though he always has a great intention to teach some scrooge-ish person to find their inner santa and helpful heart which causes their life to twist upside down. But in the end they find out they were wrong all along and change their ways, realizing that Santa was right. Most of the time they generally find their true love.  So I guess in the end it all works out.

2. There is a single parent with a child

At least 5 or 6 of the movies I have watched one of the main characters is a single parent with a child who aren't looking for love, but love always finds them. But of course along the way turmoil approaches in the relationship causing the single parent to shun them away and tell their children sometimes people aren't who they thought they where. Then miraculously due to a change of heart or the Christmas spirit they are reunited and they live happily ever after. {I have to admit it's one of my favorites} 

3. The North Pole is in trouble 

Gosh dang it North Pole! Get your act together! I have seen at least three of these so far where the North Pole is on the verge of loosing all of it's power and the lively hood of Santa and the elves is hanging by a thread. But by the help of a overly joyful and cheery child they set out on a plan {Which the parents never believe at first, Just believe your child Already!} to save it. Though like theme number 2 there is a hiccup a long the way and you start to believe they aren't going to make it and Christmas will never be the same. But then BAM in the last five minutes all is well and the North Pole is once again jolly and bright! 

4. Ok this one isn't really a theme, but they tend to us the same actors/tress

I have noticed that a lot of the same actors and actresses are swapped between Hallmark Movies, not always, but it is a common occurrence. These are some of the same people I have seen in Multiple Hallmark movies. There are those moments when my family when say "Hey that person was also in this one!" 

5. Getting married on Christmas

By some miracle those who were never "Marriage Material" are able to obtain a boyfriend a fiancĂ© and then a husband all within how many weeks? 

These are all so very cheesy but for some strange reason Hallmark movies warm my heart and soul. We haven't had cable since Mr. Sailor and I got married so I am indulging in as many as I can! It's so much fun to gather around in our living room and all of us squeal at the cheesy lovey dove sequences going on. Do you guys love Hallmark Movies? I would love to know which ones! 


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Inspirational Sunday

Definitely one of my favorite author's! I hope you enjoy your sunday! Don't forget to enter the two giveaways going on by clicking here  & here. Happy Sunday!


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Oh Christmas Cards

 Most of you know I am participating in a Fantastic Giveaway Thanks to Noor over at @ Noor's Place ! With the Christmas Season speedily headed our way, I wanted to give away something that would benefit someone this season. My number one thing I always look forward to after Thanksgiving is Designing, Sending out and Receiving Christmas Cards! {Though 9/10 I always have my design done by September.} I know only one lucky winner will receive the 50 Free personalized Christmas Cards from me, but I wanted to show you guys how you can completely personalize your own fantastic quality Christmas Cards {which can ship all over the world might I add}

This was our Christmas Card Last Year! I still love it with all my heart! 

I have a small business through an awesome company called Pixingo .They are all about bringing the personal back into our digital aged world! I completely personalized this card designing it from scratch you could say. It SUPER simple to do!  Click on Create Card, Choose your size and you start from a blank canvas! This card took me about an hour to design. Not because it was hard, but because I kept changing my mind! Good news though, if you don't have time to sit and design don't worry! They offer  130 pre made templates you can choose from, Where You just Click. Send. Done. Take a Gander by Clicking here

Through the month of November I can give THREE  readers, free wholesale accounts! Which include half off everything you purchase all year! {From posters, canvas wraps, cards and business cards} plus a free personal handwriting font. Meaning you can write cards in your own handwriting from your computer! Take a gander

With having a wholesale account you can order 50 personalized Christmas Cards with envelopes {Or any cards for that matter} For $46.45 with 2 day priority shipping straight to your door! Or you can order them individually and have them sent straight to your loved ones door without licking an envelope! They will address it and send it for you!  Generally going Wholesale would cost $59 but due to the giving season Pixingo is allowing me to give away three accounts for free!

I have loved using Pixingo! I have been sending cards to Mr. Sailor while he is away and it has allowed him to feel a little closer to home! 

I would love to help you get started! Signing up is completely free! All you pay for is what you order! If you would like to see more cards I have made if your still not sure click here

If your ready to sign up for a Free Account sign up here Just click create account. And I would love to set aside time with you to either email or talk if you have any questions.

If you would like to receive one of the THREE FREE whole sale accounts email me at and I will set it up for you! Sadly I only have three so once I have three people signed up thats it.

Don't forget to enter to win 50 free personalized Christmas cards! Enter Below! Thanks for sticking with me.
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Friday, November 14, 2014

Truly Identical!

I have an identical twin sister. We haven't looked truly identical in years. She took a different style then I did in clothes. She dressed up. I was kinda a grungy dresser. Ok Maybe not grungy but I pretty much wore converse, jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie most days. I wasn't really out to dress to impress you can say. She wore more make-up. I wore Less. Her hair was short. My hair was long. We were basically complete opposites.

Once we graduated our friendship became stronger and now in this day we are each other's best friends {besides our hubby's} No one really ever had any issues telling us apart. That is until two days ago. I decided I wanted to go blonde. I mean I am a natural blonde, but due to pregnancy and age my hair got grossly dark. I love brunette but my my hair was going an interesting color. So I contacted a good friend that I have known since high school who was recently transferred to San Diego and asked her if she could die my hair blonde! I was nervous and excited!

But I finally did it! After the finished product I looked in the mirror and was shocked! In a good way! But I couldn't help but say "This is my twin's blonde!" I had a feeling my parent's would say the same thing. I walked in and each member of my family said "Oh hi Bree! {My twin} It doesn't help that we both laugh in sync, laugh the same way AND BOTH have glasses! I sent her a picture to which her husband responded... That's creepy.

We haven't looked THIS identical since we were maybe 5 or 6 when the chopping of the hair commenced. I had her take a picture with her glasses on to compare side by side and man! If there was any doubt that we were Identical, this will set the record straight! I am excited about it though. Growing up I always wanted to look identical and be known as the twins! {her not so much ;) } And now here we have it! It's probably easier this way being all grown up since we live across the country from each other. I think it's fun! And She loves it! So Thanks for being supportive Bree ;) I love my twin with all my heart and if I had to look like EXACTLY like anyone I am glad it is her!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Another Giveaway?! Say what?!

Areeba over @ I Have a Messy Bun offered me a chance to be apart of her giveaway this month as well! Totaling in at 2 giveaways! WIth some awesome products! She and her twin sister are just the sweetest! Take a Gander!

Ari is giving away 10$ to her shop.

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Noor is giving away this lovely bracelet.
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Aren't these just so cute! I am in love with both the rings and bracelet! And Ari's shop is pretty awesome! Guys I am so happy to be apart of two different giveaways! It feels so great to be able to do something for someone else! Check out their blogs and don't forget to enter! Have at it! 

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Our Engagement Story

'Tis the Season to be of two different things. One, we are jolly for the upcoming holidays. The delicious food in which we partake at Thanksgiving and to spend our days realizing what we are thankful for. Remembering Christ and his atonement and giving to those who are nearest and dear to us. Or it's generally a time where the men in our lives are secretly planning to propose to their future wives. I have read quite a few blog posts of recent proposals and I am beyond thrilled for them!

In this joyous time of year it got me thinking about mine and Mr. Sailor's engagement story. December marks 4 years ago that Mr. Sailor and I started talking to one another so it's just as sweet. Since my husband is definitely at the top of my Thankful for list I figured I would share our story!

Mr. Sailor and I met on an LDS dating site, which began our amazing road to falling in love with each other without the physical. He was in Nebraska & I in Utah. Fast forward to May of 2011. Mr. Sailor called and asked if I could fly out to him and help him move to Utah! {He had already made the plan to move to Utah before we met!and had alreadycome out several times staying longer then a week each time} I agreed and was blessed to receive a bonus in my paycheck that allowed me to purchase a plane ticket. I was flew out to meet his family and took this family photo. I was hesitant at first, what if it didn't work out! Little did I know it wouldn't be the last.

I knew by making the 18 hour drive back to Utah it would definitely allow me to know if we could put up with each other for the rest of eternity. Good news he passed ;) I knew he wanted to marry me, but I still wasn't sure. I had been praying about it, but I still didn't have a definite yes. Working towards the Temple, I knew that making a covenant in marriage wasn't something to take lightly. I had sought counsel from my bishop and parents both of which gave me great advice to which I was contemplating thoroughly.

At this point I was working graveyard shifts working from 11pm-8am four days a week. It worked out perfectly since I was sleeping when he would go to work and then when he was off I would be up and ready.  May 24, My twin sister had spent the night and we had made plans to head over to the mall with the plans the intention to meet up with Mr. Sailor when he got off work. My twin was being unusually nice, paying for ice cream, letting me pick which stores to go to {which we generally would argue about ;)} It should have been a big hint something was happening.But Alas I was blind. We also coincidentally ran into to of my closest cousins {Which 100% was not planned}

The plan was to meet up at Build-A-Bear. Sounds Childish, but ever since I was a little girl I loved teddy Bears, because of that I had told my twinner years ago that I wanted to proposed to at Build A Bear, but that also seemed to have slipped my mind. But Mr. Sailor & I had talked about going out and doing something out of the norm so nothing had phased me. He let me pick out the bear and stuff it. Which call me crazy but I had a blast doing it!  The employee looked at me and told me to give it a good squeeze due to a special surprise. As I did so a voice appeared. I heard Mr. Sailor's voice saying "Kirstie I have one question for you, will you marry me?" I was shocked! I turned around there he was down on one knee. I began crying and instantly felt I needed and wanted to say yes. I knew right there that  he was the man I was supposed to be with for eternity. So that is exactly what I did. It was one of the happiest days of our lives and I couldn't imagine not saying yes to this day!

I hope you enjoyed our engagement story! I would love to hear how you guys have gotten engaged! Or What your dream proposal would be! Also don't forget to enter the giveaway! Lots of great products up for grabs! 
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