Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dr's & Mother Daughter Lunch Dates

Well it had officially been 9 days since little miss had her runny nose. She had since developed a cough and was super fussy about... well pretty much anything. She would be her happy self and then break down in wailing tears in an instant. Pretty heart breaking. It came to the point where Mr. Sailor just looked me and said "I have no idea how to help her".

I decided to take her to the Dr. I am just one to wait a week and see if it clears up on it's own, rather then rushing to the nearest hospital. But we were at a loss. We had tried Vic's Baby rub, tylenol, humidifiers and torture device of saline drops and sucking out her nose. I swear I felt like a villain.

I love the Dr's we work with. Such great people! Sadly they were back up due to kindergarden shots and school sport physical's. Our appointment turned into an hour of waiting to get in. An hour waiting for the Dr. and 45 minutes waiting at the pharmacy. Surprisingly I didn't feel stressed and I wasn't even mad that we waited that long. No clue why, but I will accept it.

In a weird parenting way I was thrilled that she was actually diagnosed with something. Ear infections. Not that I want my child to be sick, but I am just grateful it's something that the Dr's can do for her and that their is a medication she can take. Being under 2 makes it difficult to give them anything but tylenol which can only do so much.

So there you have it, after being on her antibiotics for 24 hours now, she is back to her hold self. Surprisingly she WANTED to take her medicine this morning and took it like a champ! She must know it's working. Due to the long process of waiting at the Dr's office I was starving. So I figured the best way to remedy the situation was to go to Wendy's and make it a Mother Daughter lunch date.

I just loved it yesterday. Besides talking to my mom on the phone for a few minutes. My phone was safely tucked away in my bag and I was able to focus 100% on little miss. She was constantly talking to me. Pointing to things and even pushing up against me to lay her head down on my shoulder. My heart melted and I was so happy I put down the technology to focus on what is right in front of me. I could have missed all of those moments. Though I will admit I did pull it out to take these cute photo's. We definitely left with a very happy and full tummies to go and pick Mr. Sailor up from work.

These are the little things in life I enjoy!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Work Parties are the bomb


What was supposed to be a fourth of July picnic turned into a BBQ at the end August. Every year Mr. Sailor's ship puts on this BBQ at Oceana Base. I love this beach because 1)  It's down the way from the overcrowded with college students Virginia Beach and 2) only accessed by military personal and families. Mr. Sailor had the option of going to the BBQ ( or as I found out in the south if it's burgers and dogs it's grilling') or working for the day. Obviously we chose the BBQ, who wouldn't!

I was a little nervous due to the frequent summer storms we have had, especially recently, but luck was on our side and rain did not shed down on us. There was a decent turn out. Mostly just sailor's. A lot of families are out on vacation for leave.  Though there was enough little ones for little miss to follow around.



The ship provided snow cones, face painting, volleyball and a bounce house. It was perfect! It was great to put more faces with names from Mr. Sailor  ship and enjoy some delicious food!



I was able to stand and look around and realize how blessed we have been to live in this gorgeous state. Yes Virginia has it's downfalls, but man I couldn't help but be in awe at the beautiful luscious tree's to my left and then to my right gorgeous sand with crashing waves and reeds. Awe! I can't get over it! It will be a sweet return in 2015. It was such a great day where I was grateful we had this opportunity to do one last fun activity before our big move! Which I still struggle talking about. Anyways, I love outings like this and will definitely cherish it.



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Thursday, August 21, 2014

52 New Reasons… 3 year anniversary gift!

Technically our 3 year anniversary is in September, but unfortunately Mr. Sailor and I will be apart :( So while the in-laws where in town we celebrated a bit early and did our gift swap. Nothing big but something that meant the world to both of us. As it grew closer I knew exactly what I wanted to do. when we were first married I made Mr. Sailor "52 reason's why I love you" book made out of playing cards. The thing that warms my heart and soul is he still carries it around with him to this day. He keeps it in his NWU's pocket and reads it when he needs a little pick me up during work.

I recently read over them and some of them were kinda shallow. Cute but shallow. We have been through a lot the last 3 years and I wanted him to have something that told him why I loved him even through some hardships. With deployment coming up, I figured I would send him off with something that was a little more sturdy and something he could turn to when he was having a bad day.

So introducing…. .52 NEW reasons why I love you! This time with the help of Pixingo. I made him a hard back 12"X9" landscape photo book. The thing I loved about making this is I had complete freedom. Where with Walmart you have to use their templates, Not with Pixingo! You start out with a completely blank canvas and it takes off from there! You can choose from a Square, Landscape and Portrait and have at least 5 different sizes to choose from with each orientation.

I had so much fun working on this book and was so excited to give it to him! He was thrilled with it and has already taken it to his ship to make sure he didn't forget it. The look on his face made my heart melt. I am pretty sure he had tears in his eyes. The book's quality was way better then I could have imagined and I have already started making more photo books, sadly due to the fact that out of our three years of marriage our photo's have just been sitting on the computer. So here's to making memories! I am so happy Mr. Sailor loved it and I can {but can't} wait to send Mr. Sailor cards while he is on deployment.

If you would like to make your own photo book click here.
 If you would like to learn up about pixingo click here
If you would like to sign up for your FREE account to order your photo book click here!

I would be happy to help anyone make their memories come to life so don't hesitate to email me with any questions you have! If you even need to I would love to talk to you over the phone as well! Sounds fun right?!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Taking the pain away from our children

Man these last few days have been a rough one for the Semler Family. Little miss came down with what I believe to be the 24 hour flu. Thankfully today it seems it's just the runny nose that has her down, which is a relief. Monday morning I could just tell something was off with her. She wasn't her usual energetic self,  her appetite was small if she had one at all and she wanted to be held; like cuddling status.

As the day grew on, her little body developed a fever, her nose was running like crazy, her face was pale and by the end of the night she had thrown up all over the floor. This was little miss' first fever reaching at 101. Thankfully I wasn't panicked, but did do some research about fever's just to know when was the time to take her to the Dr. If any. We had the humidifier constantly going, tylenol in her system and Vic's Baby rub massaged into her chest. Thankfully she slept decent last night only waking up 2 times, but Monday night was a constant repeat of falling asleep for 15 maybe 20 minutes then waking up crying.

I couldn't help but cry when I looked at her. She was obviously exhausted. I wanted nothing more at that moment to take her pain away. To make her feel better and to put that discomfort on myself. This was all new to her and I knew my body could handle it. I prayed that her body would heal and that she could sleep more comfortably. That even if it was just for an hour her body could rest. Which Heavenly Father graciously answered. I feel very blessed that out of her almost 16 months of living this is her first fever, but I hated every second of it. To hear her cry out in discomfort made me cry and want to hold onto her even tighter and let her know everything is going to be ok. That this would pass all in time.

Luckily Tuesday afternoon her fever broke and this morning her energy is fully restored, it's now just a runny nose I'm tending to. Though as I look back at these last few days I can't help but think that this is what Christ must have felt for us. He was crucified that he may  take upon himself all of our pains and sins that we may return with him. He wants to take away our suffering and help lift us up along the way, as long as we allow him too.

In Doctrine & Covenants Ch. 19: 16 it says. "For behold, I, God, have suffered these things for all, that they might not suffer if they would repent;

In 2 Nephi Ch. 9: 21; " 21 And he cometh into the world that he may save all men if they will hearken unto his voice; for behold, he suffereth the pains of all men, yea, the pains of every living creature, both men, women, and children, who belong to the family of Adam." 

How amazing is that? He came here to save all of us, that we may have the opportunity to be clean once more, that our sins and our burdens may be lifted from our shoulders and placed on him. Looking down at little miss as she had to endure this sickness was kind of an eye opener for me.  I wanted to do just that for her I wanted to take away her pain and discomfort and place it on my shoulders so her burdens would be easier to bare. It is so comforting to know that we have a savior who is doing that exact thing for us! Today I felt like I could understand the atonement just a little bit better.

I know it kind of took a turn for the religious side, but this religion is something I close to my heart and hope to teach little miss this beautiful gospel. Being a mother is one of the hardest, exhausting spiritually testing things I have ever volunteered myself to do. But this is the most rewarding job I could ever have and I know Mr. Sailor would agree as far as the father end of things. I am so grateful that she is feeling better today and that she is my energetic angel once more. If you got this far thanks for sticking with me!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Love & War Mystery Grab Bag!

This is not a sponsored post. I just love this shop! 

I'm so excited! About a month ago I ordered a mystery grab bag from one of my favorite online stores. Love & War Clothing. Her items are hand made and are customizable for all branches of the military service and now police officers and firemen! She herself is a military wife, so I can't help but want to support her business.  I absolutely adore all of her items! I purchased a hoodie from her for my birthday this year and I couldn't wait to order again. The only thing is, is sometimes it gets pricey. So when I found out she was doing mystery grab bags I couldn't miss this chance! She had bags ranging from $20-100. The more you pay the more you get! But all items in the grab bags would be well worth over what you paid.

And today it came! I am in love with what she sent. I spent a total of $31 for the bag and shipping, it would have been $36 but I had a $5 off coupon! Take a look at what I got!

I am in love with this tank top! First off This matches my hoodie, so score! ( I didn't get to pick the colors with this mystery grab bag, so I feel pretty lucky that I love it!) You can Purchase the same tank here for $24.95


I absolutely love the saying on this shirt! It pretty much sums up my feelings for my hubby! You can purchase this shirt here for $24.95.


I also received this car decal! I have been wanting one to support my hubby and all military members but one that didn't say exactly what branch he was in, so this one is perfect! You can order the same one for $1.50 here. Her decals are so super affordable!


I love a great deal when I catch one! So for $31 I received $51.40 worth of items! Score! Today is a good day! I can't wait to sport these t-shirts around! Here are some other items I have my eye on.

Wish List: 

A: This one is customizable which I love!  click here
B: So In love with this hat! Click here
C: Support PTSD awareness. A part of the proceeds is donated! click here
D: I want to purchase this for Mr. Sailor's Homecoming! Click here
E: Love this one for little miss! Click here

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Spiritual Pick Me up

My post yesterday was kinda sad... ok a lot sad. I had a lot of emotions I needed to get out. But today is a new day and I am forcing myself to look at the positive. So as I pack and hurry my but up for finals before my semester ends I needed a spiritual pick me up to help me through the day. Lo and behold a friend of mine posted this song onto Facebook this morning. And this is just what I needed! Take a listen, it truly made my heart full and I am ready for the day!

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Monday, August 11, 2014

So many emotions


This last week has been filled with so many emotions. I recently started packing up our home with quite a stress free packing plan, which I will blog about later. But as I started taking inventory of our belongings and then sealing the boxes with packing tape. I started to cry. I looked around our home. The home that we have living in for a year and ten and months was quickly becoming bare. This home is the longest home we have lived in since we have been married, our first home at our first duty station for the navy and the home we brought our precious baby girl home to after she was born.

So many memories were flooding in and soon this good thing will come to an end. A temporary end since we will be back next year. But an end for 2014. I know we have had our complaints about this apartment. Probably the same as most people, but in the end I will miss this place. It has been a good home for us. A little sanctuary from the world.

This week two of my good friends Kelsey and Brianna will be leaving which now makes our move even more real... I know I will see Kelsey out in California and I will see Brianna and her cute girls next year. But man once I started really making friends here a deployment had to go and mess it all up ;)  Luckily my good friend Kayla is still here so I won't be too lonely.

I am counting down the days till my best friend flies out to take a 1500 mile drive with me to Utah and till I have to say good bye to my best friend/ eternal companion. I know it is just a see you later, but man it's a long 7 month see you later. I know we can get through it and I know Heavenly Father will be watching over us and giving us the strength to get through day by day. I feel extremely blessed that we have the opportunity to go and live with my parents for those 7 months, to be surrounded by family and friends will definitely make the transition easier.

I am happy for the opportunity to spend time with my family literally on the other side of the country, sad to say "see you later" to my hubby/love of my life and putting the luscious green tree's of Virginia into our rear view mirror will be hard for me. I have fallen in love with the east coast. I love California but man it's so brown compared to back here. I am trying to focus on the positive and know that Mr. Sailor will be returned home to me safely. This is the life we signed up for, and I feel extremely blessed that out of the two years he has been active duty this is his first deployment.

So many emotions this week, but I know as time goes on it will get easier. I will still worry until he is back in my arms, but I know we can get through this even countries apart.

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