Monday, July 21, 2014

Oh Hey there 4 A.M!


When little miss was born, we didn't really have any sleepless nights. I felt so blessed and so lucky that we weren't crazed sleepless parents, with bags under our eyes and caffeine rushes through out the days. My heart was always filled with gratitude for this. Then teething happened. Luckily through most of her teeth natural's teething tablets have been a life saver, until the K-9's decided to pop on in. Though I wish "pop on in" was literal. These particular teeth have taken more then enough time to break through, yet they are still taking their sweet time putting immense pressure on little miss' gums.

So naturally on Sunday morning 4 am was thee perfect time to wake up. Wide awake and all. I tried to make a bed on the floor and show her that if mamma could lay down, so could she. Fail. I tried rocking her to sleep. Fail. So we decided to choose our battles and made a jumpstart, an EARLY jump start on the day. One thing is for sure, we had 9 am church and we definitely were not going to be late this week. Positive right?

What's a Sunday morning without pancakes? At 5 am pancakes were on the stove, eggs were cooked and syrup was made. Little miss gobbled them up and sure enough with a full tummy she was ready to fall back asleep. We were able to lay her down at 6:00. Unfortunately with getting our blood pumping going back to bed wasn't in the cards for my husband and I. I was able to squeeze in a little nap which I was grateful for that I didn't look quite like a zombie. Oh the parent life right? But I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

My husband knows me well

I have found I get stressed easily lately. I am normally great with change heck from the time I was 18-20 I moved four times broke my leg and got married. Change and me were BFF'S. To the max. But I feel like since I had little miss I stress easily. Maybe it's because I want to protective but not to sheltering ya know? 

With all these changes coming up everything little change has made me anxious and I have been taking things way to personally lately. At least I am aware right? Mr. Sailor knows me so well. He knew exactly what I needed yesterday. 

He truly is the love of my life and best friend. So when I woke up at 9 am. Yup 9. He let me sleep, I was woken to delicious eggs and French toast. Mmmmmm it was so delicious. Later that day after some errands where run he let me have some "me time" I went to target and took my time walking around and enjoying all the things I couldn't buy. But I was in need of new jeans. I only have one pair and came back with this nifty outfit for $20. Thank you clearance section. 

We ended the night by home made pizza and breadsticks that Mr. Sailor also made (I am pretty sure I didn't make any meals yesterday ). So delicious! And we cuddled up to Harry potter and the Goblrt of Fire. My husband knew exactly what I needed to let off some steam and move on from the everyday things I have been worrying about. Thanks hon! Now I just need to remind myself to breathe ha. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Blogmopolatin Quiz!

I saw this over at two thirds hazel and decided. Heck why not! Plus with everything coming at a whirlwind since we found out that Mr. Sailor will be going on deployment blogging has come to a blank these past few days! So I figured this would be perfect! It let me answer some fun questions and take a minute from the busy-ness of planning a move! So here we go! If you would like to join just click the link above and download the quiz :)

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What a week to look forward too!

Since we found out Mr. Sailor is going on deployment, we sat down and made a list of everything that is going on from now until August 31st to help us get into perspective of everything we need to get done with out getting stressed.

If I need to get something done I have to write it down in my planner or I will forget. Being way to accident prone in high school is mostly the reason I have a terrible memory. But it also helps that I feel accomplished after checking something off. So we are now organized and I know exactly what I need to get done each week to help us prepare for this move as smoothly as possible. Now if it will actually go smoothly may be a different story!

As we wrote everything down we realized this next week is going to be jammed packed and we couldn't be more excited. So here we go!

+ Family Photo's at the Beach!
+ Possibly Busch Garden's water park
+ Seeing my Dad in North Carolina
+ Going to the Raleigh, NC Temple
+ Mr. Sailor's Family comes into town
+ Family Cruise on Mr. Sailor's Ship

All of this in the next week and two days! I am so glad we have family to see and keep us preoccupied. The more I do during the day the more I don't think about the coming months. So I am hoping I can keep this up while Mr. Sailor is gone… I think I am going to have learn about getting on a schedule every day ha.


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Sunday, July 13, 2014

And our new home is…..

Ladies & Gentlemen I would like to announce that our new home is…... Norfolk, VA! I joked with my momma a few months ago, that I was going to laugh/cry if Mr. Sailor was re-stationed to his ship and that our original plan was what was going to play out. Though through much reassurance from higher ups and Mr. Sailor that all said that there wouldn't be that chance, maybe to another ship here in Norfolk, but not his current one. Oh did the Navy prove them wrong.

Friday afternoon, Mr. Sailor called me and after a few minutes of conversation he said, "I've got some news" which in the past has always meant, having to stay late or an underway got moved or something along those lines. So my response was "oh no." After heading down the chain of command he received word that he would be "re" stationed to his ship, which meant 7 months of an underway and deployment would be in the very near future. I cried. I was relieved and happy that we now had the green light to make a plan for the next two years. As soon as we hung up the phone after a few more minutes of asking each other how we felt about it, I fell to my knees and prayed a prayer of thanks. We had been waiting for 6 months for an answer of what was going to happen and clearly we had been applying to the wrong places because Heavenly Father needs us exactly where we are. Here in Norfolk, Va.

Then I cried of sadness. I know I have to be strong for Mr. Sailor while he is on deployment, but I had not been preparing myself for a full deployment. Though he hasn't been on one in his two years in the Navy, I feel very lucky for that. I had been reassured that I would see him during Christmas as he swapped commands with the possibility of another deployment. But Not a full 7 months apart from each other. My heart ached and still does and probably will until he is safely in my arms again in 2015. but I knew we could get through this.

So we set to work, Mr. Sailor received a letter to give to our leasing office to inform them of the orders. I will be leaving prior to Mr. Sailor leaving so 1) he can help pack up and move our things into a storage unit, 2) If we didn't pass on the letter to our leasing office now, we would have been responsible for a few more months of rent and I would be packing up and moving by myself 3) It's easier for us to say "see you later" before an underway instead of a deployment.

We have a move out date of August 31st and a storage unit lined up. I will be making trips literally across the country to visit family along to the way to my temporary home for 7 months. California! So all my California Friends I can't wait to see you and hang out! It's relief to know we will still have more then a year to visit the sites we would like to see back here on the east coast and that when we move back I will have my friends here with me, my awesome ward to come back to and live in a familiar area. We are also planning on accomplishing one of my dreams which is to go to New York around Christmas time!

Everything has come at in a whirlwind this weekend. My head is still slightly spinning and I think I am in denial a little bit, but I know this is the plan that Heavenly Father had for our family and I couldn't be more grateful for it! So here's to Norfolk being our home! I have loved the memories we have made and can't wait to see what new ones are in store!

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Friday, July 11, 2014

My biggest Fear

There are little things in life that scare me, you know the typical… killing spiders {or bugs in general} getting shot in the face, zombies. Things like that. But there is one thing in this world that I am legitimately afraid of. Lightning and Thunder. The storms out here on the East Coast can be crazy. The sky could be blue with a slight breeze to instantly black with branches being pulled from trees and rain so heavy you can't see in front of you, even with your wipers on full blast.

I LOVE rain! But when thunder and lightning are thrown into the mix, my heart starts pounding and I feel legitimately afraid. Yesterday's storm was bad. When the thunder roared it shook my apartment complex! The lightning was striking every 15 seconds breaking through the cracks of my very closed blinds. The rain was coming down so quickly that I had a pool on my back patio. Little miss got a little nervous when the thunder shook the place, tinker bell saved the day until the power went out for a few seconds.

I have tried to face my fears and all the jazz, but every time I do I get put into a worse position. Starting off when I was little I was on my uncle's house boat in Lake Powell and lightning struck the anchor. It knocked our power out and we started to drift. Then when I was 15, I was on a Pioneer Trek with my stake in Pine Valley, Utah and it started pouring rain. At one in the morning we were standing huddled together when lightning struck. It struck all around us and every time it did, it would light up the sky as if it was 1 pm in the afternoon. I could see every detail of my cousins face standing right next to me.

So as you can see we just don't get a long. I will admire lightning in photographs and thunder in movies and call it a day! What are you afraid of?

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

PB&J Sushi & Sunburns

Temperatures here in Norfolk have been floating between 85-95 degrees. Growing up in the dry heat of Southern Utah,  95 degrees would be nothing. Except it's also been about 80-90% humidity. Since my travels to Chicago years ago I have fallen in love with Humidity and now thinking back to living in that 115 degree dry heat escapes me of how I could do it!

With the kick off of the summer I received my first Sunburn. It wouldn't be summer for me without one.... It looks like little miss inherited the tanning gene from Daddy because she is turning golden brown with her first tan line.... Yes I am slightly jealous of my own daughter. I am 90% sure we have spent more time in our swimsuits then not these past few weeks. And I am a-okay with that.

Unfortantely the heat hasn't always been a good thing. Mr. Sailor was asked to stay and help dock a destroyer that was pulling in. He agreed, but ended up standing outside in the heat for 3 hours. When he called me to pick him up, he requested two things. 1) To bring a BIG water bottle with cold water so he may pour it over his head and 2) Something delicious to eat. I scavenged the fridge and cupboards and found the perfect thing.

WATERMELON AND PB&J SUSHI! I knew little miss would have so much fun eating it, since they were just a perfect size for her and two it would be nice and cold. I set to work and chopped up watermelon and bread and wa-la dinner was ready. I stuck it back in the fridge and picked him up. Oh I felt so terrible, Mr. Sailor is a man who can easily tan whom I have never seen red in the face. He was red in the face. almost to the point of lobster status. I felt so terrible... but was excited to show him what I made for dinner. It was a hit! Baby girl gobbled it right up and the bowl of watermelon didn't even last an hour. The rolled sandwich was a perfect fit for her little hands and fun for us just to pop in our mouths and then grab a piece of watermelon to wash it down. We were sort of sad when it was all gone. This is a perfect meal for summer time and something quick and painless to make!

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