Monday, April 21, 2014

An Easter Weekend


This Glorious Easter weekend was not a usual one at that. Sadly Mr. Sailor was on FSA Duty and was put to work this weekend. I doing better at rolling with the punches of the Navy and haven't let it emotionally affect me, but I was sad to say the least that Mr. Sailor wouldn't be home for Little miss' first Easter. Though we made the best of it. I for goed the Easter egg hunt, that was something I was not willing to budge on. It does help that little miss won't remember it and it did help to keep the focus on the true meaning of Easter.

We went to church where baby girl was complimented every which direction of her new shoes. I was thrilled to find these cuties tucked away on a shelf at Target. $7.99! I couldn't pass it up. To listen to the hymns sung and the talks presented on living Christ Like and his sacrifice for us to be able to return to our Heavenly Father definitely allowed me to feel the spirit and strengthen my testimony.


Later that night we were able to board Mr. Sailor's ship and eat dinner with him. Little miss was surrounded by many sailors all wanting to hold her hand and spin her on the chairs. What a bunch of softies ;) To just be together as a family and enjoy a some what decent meal was all I could ask for. Though it didn't turn out like the normally hip hoppy easter bunny kinda of Easter, it was still perfect. How was your guys' Easter?

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Invitations Check!

Little miss is turning one oh so very soon. My emotions have been up and down about the whole thing that is for sure. How did my new born baby turn into a walking, talking independent baby girl… Sigh… I am so grateful that Mr. Sailor has a job that has provided for me to stay home and watch her grow on a daily basis. End Reminiscing period.

I was not planning on throwing a party mainly because I just didn't see the point in spending money on a party she won't remember. Yes I am THAT budget minded. But I told my hubby that if X amount of people would come we could throw one. And Sure enough we met that goal. We are keeping it super simple. No theme just basic colors of light pink, splashes of turquoise and creme. The decor will be minimal no balloons, or streamers. Just table clothes and carnations on the table and a happy birthday banner. Its more about the friends that are coming a celebrating a joyous event. I just saw no need to throw $250 down the drain.
So I designed and ordered little miss' Birthday Invitations and I couldn't be more please with how they turned out. Though due to some work changes we have to change the date so me and the sharpie will be best friends. I ordered a bulk order of 25 invitations with envelops for $16 {That included shipping} I also matched the Happy Birthday banner with the background I placed on the invitations. EEK I am so excited to thread some twine through it and hang it up! Total I spent $12 for this beaut. {I made both the banner and invitations here}

I am so excited and in shock that our baby girl is turning one. Like my momma says in a blink of an eye you will be forty with a graduating senior. I hope it doesn't happen that fast, but at this point I can truly see it happening! Do you guys have any fun parties being planned this summer? I'd love to hear about them!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter Egging it up!

*No Eggs were harmed in the making of this post.* 

Man guys we have been jammed pack with fun these last couple of days. Saturday was our FRG (Family readiness Group) Egg hunt! If you haven't been to an FRG Meeting I highly suggest it. To be able to meet the women behind the men your husband is serving with is just a big old ball of fun! We headed over to the Norfolk Community Center amidst the Marine corp housing and partied it up. 

Little miss loved playing in the play pin they had set up and playing with the other littles. There was coloring, arts and crafts, a little bake sale, lunch and of course an egg hunt! Now that Little miss is a walking it was so much fun to see her try and keep up! The only thing I wish I had known was that they divided the kids up from 0-4 and then 5-8 for the Egg hunt. Sadly I thought they would all be together so I didn't dare bring her a basket in fear of her being trampled. Plus with Mr Sailor not there I didn't want him to miss out. 

All in all it was a great day! Right around 2:30 the sleepiness set in. Not even half way home (Even though we were only 5 minutes away) She was out like a light. I love it when this happens… it causes for a VERY GOOD nap in the afternoon! The only thing that could have made it better would be if Mr. Sailor was home… sadly he is currently on an underway…. Oh sigh…. Good thing I am trying to keep on eye on the positive. 

In other news Mr. Sailor was unable to apply to any new posts due to the only ones being available where for subs and Mr. Sailor is not trained to be on a sub, so we will be waiting till May to apply. How are you guys celebrating the Easter Holiday? 

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hello Summer!

Today was 78 Degrees! 78! With all this back and forth Mother Nature decided to bring it was very much welcomed in our household. My friend Brianna called and invited us to the beach with some friends. In my head I was thinking oh Virginia Beach t-minus 30 minutes away. Nope it was a beach that was 10 minutes away from us. I HAD NO IDEA! It was so beautiful out, little miss LOVED the sand! She instantly took off playing in it, even put her toes in the water. If it were up to her I'm 100% positive she would have actually gone swimming, but my heart got a little jumpy so I pulled her back.

There were about 20+ women there with their kids all who's husbands are in the Navy. It was so nice to get out and meet new people and have little miss be surrounded by other kids her age. She even loved petting an adorable puppy. This was a HUGE step since all other dogs she will just sit there and scream till I pick her up. She is terrified.But this little lab stole her heart!



We spent 3 glorious hours at the Beach soaking in the sun and being surrounded by awesome people and just relaxing! Now that we know about this little hidden treasure, plans will be in the making to go back again! Tonight we also get to view Mr. Sailor's picks for his transfer! I also ate a super yummy BBQ Chicken salad from Wendy's. So Needless to say. today has been a great day!!! The weekend is almost here! What will you guys be doing?!



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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm torn… and may possibly need some advice.

Mr. Sailor is due to pick his next batch of orders here on Thursday and my heart is being pulled in two different ways. My oxymoron of the night was GOSH DANG IT HEART MAKE UP YOUR MIND. But in a sense it's true… I want my dang heart to make a decision. When I think about leaving the East Coast a part of my heart breaks… There is still so much I want to do, we weren't able to do a lot of it last year due to being pregnant and my feet were so swollen walking long distances was out of the question. 

I LOVE East Coast living, the humid summers with the lightning bugs dancing in the night, the festivals that are on going here, the natural beauty and scenery that we can take in for free. The Southern charm, the fried cooking. I don't specifically want to stay in Norfolk but my heart has been won over by the Southern Charm and little old ladies with deep southern drawls. 

At the same time I think I would regret not living in California at least for a little while, to have that family support while Mr. Sailor is out on deployment would be extremely helpful and little miss would have her aunts to play with! And there is still plenty of things to do out there, obviously! We would be trading in gorgeous green trees for Hills and Mountains. Which are also beautiful and there are still plenty of free and fun things to do there, especially in the San Diego Area. Which call me oblivious but I had no idea how close San Diego was to the Mexican border! O lay! 

I seriously am at a cross roads guys… I know we will be happy wherever we are meant to go, we will know that that is where Heavenly Father needs us. But my heart breaks a little thinking about our baby girl growing up anywhere but back East. Maybe it's because she was born here, so she has true Eastern Blood, but I don't know… Can you tell I am conflicted?? Any input would be great or advice from those of you who have dealt with this before??? Anything would be greatly appreciated!  End confusing rant. 

A Fantastic Friday!

Friday was pretty great people. At least in the Semler Household. I know everyone always says TGIF and I can't wait for Friday, but being a full time student and momma my friday's just don't hold any significance any more. This last Friday was different though. I got to go pick up Mr. Sailor at 8:30am! This my friends is a rarity. The reason? He had a Dr's appointment to check up on his recovery from his surgery. With going to NMCP We had to leave an hour early since the parking there is super difficult to find after 8 am.

It was a great day right from the start. As soon as I pulled in to the right of Mr. Sailor's ship was a tent, families standing with posters and a naval band playing. All adding up to a homecoming! I forget the name of the ship, but they were coming home from a 9 month deployment. I won't lie I got a little chocked up seeing the bow of the ship coming into view and the families starting to cheer! When a ship of 300 comes home safely it's a good day to celebrate!

We headed to the NMCP {Naval Medical Center Portsmouth} We found they had a little play area for kids. Being so early in the morning Little Miss was the only one there, and boy was it so much fun to see her play. She was going up and down the steps, taking a couple of face plants that she quickly recovered from, and playing with everything in sight.

We were all laughing and giggling as a family! Who couldn't be happy about that. Once Mr. Sailor was checked out and given a thumbs up on his healing he made mention that we would be going to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate two of the Sailor's in his division for reenlisting for 6 more years. First off I love Buffalo Wild Wings. Mr. Sailor and I always split the 20 piece boneless. He gets lemon Pepper I get honey BBQ. I certainly don't finish it but it just means I have a meal for later.

We ended up waiting  for two hours since Captains call went a little late so we decided to head towards the MacArthur center which is just a block away and walk around. We let Little Miss play around in the play area and boy did she have fun! We held her hands and walked around the mall to let her little legs get use to it. Though I won't complain that she isn't walking quite yet mostly because I know that means more trouble for me ;) As we were walking I saw the new Eva Mendez dress in the window of New York & Company. People this is my favorite store! I love how classy the clothes are {in my opinion} and they always have awesome sales!

Mr. Sailor  said we could go in and when we did he saw this skirt and begged me try it on. I couldn't say no if my husband was telling me to try something on. Which I did and fell in love with the skirt and shirt that went with it! He told me to get changed and he was going to the register to buy it. I was shocked. We hardly ever buy anything while at the mall just because we are super budget minded, but he told me he wanted to be spontaneous and loved how the outfit looked on me. Sigh isn't he the greatest? They had a 50% sale plus our military discount which made both the skirt and shirt cheaper then what the skirt itself was originally priced at! SCORE!

We went back over to Buffalo Wild Wings and enjoyed a delicious lunch with his division. His chief gave a sweet little speech about each of the two sailor's reenlisting and then about the division as a whole. He then mentioned he would be paying for the E-3's and below because quote "They don't make any money, E-4's and above your fine." I laughed, Mr. Sailor is an E-3 so lunch was on the chief. I thought he was joking till he pulled out his wallet!

It doesn't stop there people, I have been begging Mr. Sailor to go see Divergent. I have already seen it, but loved it so much I wanted to see it again! This rarely happens for me! So We decided to go around little miss's bed time so could sleep in the stroller which happened for the majority of the movie. We went to the theatre on base and at night we only spent $13!  We entered to win a 2 night 3 day hotel voucher which Mr. Sailor and I both won! They picked 25 winners. All in all this friday was one to remember that is for sure. We got the whole day with the man I love and it was so stress free and just fun!  How was your weekend?



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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Learning to be ok

Well today we heard word about Mr. Sailor's application status for his new station. Sadly out of the five  areas we applied to they were all listed as TAKEN. I am a little sad to be completely honest. I was so looking forward to seeing POSTED on at least one of them. I am not exactly sure how all five were filled, we are thinking maybe it was because when he was able to apply after some dumb mixups that he was a little late in the game. I am trying to have faith that Heavenly Father has a better plan for us, but my heart is still a little heavy.

With today being 1 of 2 days of LDS General Conference, I think it couldn't have landed on a better day for us to find out this not so great news. To be able to listen to our living prophet and his council definitely makes for a better day and will 100% lift Mr. Sailor and I's spirit. As far as we know he will be able to apply again on April 10th, so not to far away! {Trying to look at the positive} I have come to decision that I will be ok wherever we go since that will be where Heavenly Father needs us the most. My mom posted this to my FB wall the other day, and am positive she knew that I needed to hear this, so I figured I would share with you all. And I am trying to keep this in mind today.

Here's a 1 minute video explaining a little bit what exactly General Conference is, if your curious.

 In other news last night we went to the movies and entered in a drawing for a 3 day 2 night hotel stay, 25 winners were picked and both Mr. Sailor and I won! We will picking up our prize at 2pm! So yay! That is a fun little surprise/shock. Really, what are the chances of both of us winning!

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